Patio Door

A patio doors typically open onto a patio, deck or a garden. The most popular type of patio door is a sliding door, although a traditional hinged door, such as a French door, may also be used. If you are looking for a new door or replacement door for your home, you will have to choose what style of door, what material, and whether or not you want to frame your new patio doors with windows.

Sliding Doors
A sliding door can be used in a configuration with either one or more stationary windows to form your customized patio door. A sliding screen door can be added to your sliding glass door to allow for melding of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

French Doors/Hinged Doors
You have the option of installing a hinged door can as your patio door. As with sliding doors, hinged doors can be combined with various window configurations to customize the look of your patio doors. A popular style of hinged door is a French door. A French door is two hinged patio doors that swing in or swing out from the center.

You can also customize your patio doors through the material with which the doors are framed. The three options Chicagoland Builders offer are:

Wood Doors
Today's wooden patio doors are quite sophisticated and have a reduced risk of cracking, splitting or swelling. Wooden patio doors are also manufactured to resist mold and mildew as well as termite damage. A wood door can still be used with high energy efficient glass and gasses that reduce heat emissions to maintain the energy efficiency of your door.

Fiberglass Doors
Fiberglass patio doors are easy to maintain and stay looking great for years. They are made with a long-lasting powder-coat finish that doesn't need to be painted. These door material is resistant to extreme heat and cold, and even damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Fiberglass doors can also be significant in preventing the spread of fire and act as a barrier to noise. If you are looking for a durable door that will increase the value of your home, consider fiberglass patio doors.

Vinyl Doors
The most popular patio door is vinyl, which has the ability to expand or contract as weather dictates. Vinyl patio doors come in many colors and styles to match your décor and require very little maintenance. Vinyl is also the most cost-effective material for your patio doors.

Chicagoland Builders will help you determine which door manufacturer has the best warranty, highest energy efficiency, cooling glass panes, and best options for your home. You will have complete control over the color, material, and style of your patio door so you can match your home’s aesthetic. When you work with Chicagoland Builders, you are guaranteed a professional, reliable crew during the installation process that will get the job done on time, on budget and with expert craftsmanship.

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